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Kwang Yang invests in battery unit


Kwang Yang Motor Co. recently announced it has invested NT$40 million (US$1.44 million) into its battery subscription service to boost availability as electric scooters gain popularity in Taiwan.
Kwang Yang expects that more than 50 percent of people who own its electric scooters would be active users of the service in the initial stage, Linus Wu, chief operating officer of Ionex Taiwan Co., said on the sidelines of the service launch in Taipei.
Ionex is a fully owned electric scooter subsidiary of Kwang Yang, the nation’s biggest gasoline-powered scooter manufacturer.
Kwang Yang has built a team with 50 employees to offer the battery on demand service, Wu said.
Subscribing to the service, owners of Kwang Yang Ionex 3.0 electric scooters would receive a fully charged battery replacement overnight.
To facilitate the new service, the company has set up its first battery operation center in New Taipei City, where Kwang Yang recharges batteries using green energy entirely.
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