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Uganda ponders $25 billion nuclear power plant


THE Ugandan government is currently investigating the option for build, own and operate a $25 billion nuclear power plant to meet the country’s increasing electricity demands. Preliminary studies were completed in May, and the decade-long construction work is expected to start in 2026. The initiative forms part of the $69 billion the country has under consideration for infrastructural development initiatives.

Also on the drawing board is the $20 billion mixed-use Eco-Satellite City between Kampala and Wakiso. The project will expand the Kampala metropolitan area and create liveable, sustainable communities across its 727 hectares.

Uganda has another 83 ongoing projects worth more than $100 billion, including the $10 billion Kabaale Industrial Park, $1.7 billion Karuma hydropower project, $600 million Kiba hydropower plant, $500 million Uganda solar power 500MW plant and $200 million Rubanda iron ore project.
The country has cancelled the $500 million Uhuru hydroelectric power plant and put the $1.97 billion Ayago hydroelectric plant on hold.

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