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Industrial security is the new hot topic. U-TECH Machinery Co., Ltd. proposes wholistic solution for electrostatic disaster risk


Industrial security is the new hot topic. U-TECH Machinery Co., Ltd. proposes wholistic solution for electrostatic disaster risk

The accumulation of static electricity in the process of industrial production will cause discharge risks. industrial losses caused by electrostatic discharge disasters can reach up to billions of dollars each year, and product losses account for about 8 to 33% of factory production costs. U-TECH Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading brand of static elimination equipment in Asia. In recent years, it has put forward a wholistic solution for eliminating static electricity by leveraging its 40 years of experience and database, and has become the number one choice for manufacturers factory construction.

U-TECH Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976. Its main products include static elimination equipmentand other rubber and plastic machinery, etc. The CEO, Mr. Binsheng, You has been in the rubber and plastic machinery industry for more than 40 years. He has extensive installation experience in the application of his own static elimination equipment in the food processing industry, rubber and plastic industry, electronics and optoelectronics and textile industries. Chairman You said that U-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. not only sells machinery, but its 40 years of accumulated installation experience can also help customers meet the best risk management principles when establishing different production lines. Chairman You believes that under the fierce international competition, the competitiveness of U-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. stems in its ability to provide customers with wholistic solutions, and has taken a step forward to provides live installation instructions on its official YouTube channel, so that customers can enjoy all-round services such as purchase, installation, and inquiries.

The static elimination equipment produced by U-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. includes soft acicular static device(CE), acicular static elimination equipment, high-efficiency static elimination brush, static elimination copper wire, static elimination rope, dedicated static eliminator for ring conveying pipe, human body static elimination equipment, fixed-point airless static elimination equipment, handheld static elimination spray guns and other products, applicable to a wide range of materials and can effectively eliminate the accumulated charge on equipment and materials, and prevent the human body from electric shocks caused by static electricity, fires and explosions caused by electrostatic discharge or damage to integrated circuits produced by electronics factories, unclear ink printing, tangling of plastic, paper and textile products, damage to insulation equipment, and etc.

The soft acicular static device developed by U-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. has obtained the certification of invention patent. It is different from the traditional needle type static elimination bar on the market, which uses a single row of stainless steel needle holder to release positive and negative ions. The soft acicular static elimination rod has a specially designed soft needle holder with radial hair fiber, enabling the area of eliminate static to be expanded, greatly reducing the dead angle of static elimination. Equipped with 5KV low-voltage and low-current static elimination host, it is safer to use, reduces the probability of the static elimination bar being burned due to high voltage and the effective installation distance of the eliminated object can be as far as 300mm, while maintaining the static elimination efficiency at over 80%. The effective distance is 10 times that of the traditional needle-type static eliminator.

Under the slogan “Making Indonesia 4.0”, as of 2021, there are 112 industrial zones in Indonesia, and the number has increased by 40%. Equipment to reduce the risk of factory disasters has become a solid demand in the Indonesian market. U-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. has an excellent design team that continuously develops new products such as static eliminators and flexible packaging machinery (Flexible.). In the context of fierce global competition, U-Tech continues to develop more smart products to help Indonesian companies move towards productivity 4.0 and exhibit the glory of an economic miracle.

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