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ANKO launches its total food processing solutions in the Indonesian market


ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest manufacturer of ethnic food machines.

“ANKO not only sells machinery, but can also provide full consultation services and solutions for the entire factory planning and operations. Making our customer’s company a viable and profitable business is our main goal here at ANKO,” said Robert Ouyoung, ANKO’s Chairman.

Because ANKO has tested hundreds of international ethnic food recipes and accumulated decades of experience in international marketing and after-sales service, the company is able to provide customers with complete food production solutions.

ANKO’s competitive advantage is in providing excellent, customized service and providing our customers with trusted food recipes. The company also gives customers the ability to tap into relevant supply chains, provides a full set of services for turnkey planning and design, and provides thorough assistance every step of the way. By using ANKO’s mechanized solutions and processes, their customers can easily produce high quality food while enjoying profitable margins.
ANKO offers various food machinery to assist our customer in increasing production capacity and stabilizing ethnic food production. Examples include all kinds of dumplings, siomay, Middle Eastern fried meatballs, biscuits, steamed buns, burritos, just to name a few. The following machine model became so popular because it can produce a wide range of food products that can be marketed and sold globally.
The Automatic Dumpling Making Machine (HLT-700U) is designed to produce products that are fully filled with attractive pleats that appear hand-made rather than mechanically produced. The filling system has been upgraded to extrude mixtures smoothly and efficiently with less oil and capable of handling larger dices of food ingredients. The machine is compact in size and takes up only 1.5 square meters making it wonderfully suited to small restaurants or even large food factories.
The Industrial Triple-Line Huge Capacity Frozen Dim Sum Machine (HSM-900) is fully automated and begins with Siomay wrapper making. Siomay weight and wrapper thickness are fully adjustable and the maximum capacity can reach 9,000 pcs/hr.
The Stainless Steel Tapioca Pearl Machine (GD-18B) is one of ANKO’s best-selling machines. The variety of products this Tapioca Pearl maker includes tang yuan, taro balls, and sweet potato balls to name a few, which is one of the many reasons this machine is so popular. A major benefit is the unique design, which automatically cuts the tapioca into the rounded pearl shapes providing a texture and taste reminiscent of handmade products.

Indonesia has actively promoted the Making Indonesia 4.0 policy in recent years. This policy aims to bring Indonesia into the fourth industrial revolution by applying scale, automation, and efficiency as the primary means to promote domestic manufacturing and increase productivity. Food machinery is one of the first priorities of this policy to revitalize and develop industries. With the implementation of the Making Indonesia 4.0 policy, the food processing market is expected to expand further. With a population of 270 million, Indonesia is a huge economy and is expected to bring unlimited business opportunities to the food machinery industry in the future.
ANKO has been supplying food processing machinery to Southeast Asia for a long time. ANKO is able to make available prepared raw materials, enable the creation of the actual products with the machinery and equipment, and, what’s more, make available downstream packaging and preparation. Local Indonesian manufacturers such as frozen food factories, baked goods factories, and food machinery importers which produce widely enjoyed Indonesian delicacies. Bakso, Nastar, and Siomay are. looking to automate their productions. These food processing companies can replicate ANKO’s successful model and increase their efficiency by learning from ANKO’s experience and so improve customer satisfaction.

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