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Taiwan Cement announces NT$10 billion investment for super battery factory

On March 31, 2021, TCC Group and TCCGE announced the beginning of the operation of Taiwan’s First AFC Smart Storage System and TCCGE Changbin Base with installation capacity of 5MW. The installation will be connected to the grid in April 2021. This is Taiwan’s first large-size energy storage project.
Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) is a system that provides automatic frequency control mechanism to stabilize renewable energy when connected to the overall electricity grid. The system can prevent electricity service interruptions caused by grid imbalance and improve electricity stability in Taiwan. TCCGE also has another project in southwestern Taiwan that combines fishery with solar power generation. Furthermore, TCCGE is planning to build a geothermal power station in eastern Taiwan within a demonstration park called Hongye Valley that combines power generation with local community rejuvenation through tourism and local shops.
E-Moli, a subsidiary of TCC Group, is Taiwan’s largest lithium battery manufacturer and a main supplier of batteries for major European and American high-end home appliance brands. In recent years, E-Moli has been conducting R&D of high-power and high-capacity batteries to focus on high-power demand applications such as wireless power tools, high-end wireless vacuum cleaners, new energy vehicles, mobile medical devices, large-size energy storage systems and drones…etc.
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