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Adimmune announced planned overseas manufacturing site in Indonesia, launching global expansion


Adimmune Corporation recently announced that its first overseas manufacturing site will be located in JIIPE Industrial Estate in Indonesia.
The new site in Indonesia is designed to be a multiple technologies biologics manufacturing platform and serve as Adimmune’s beachhead to the Southeast Asia market.
Through building overseas facilities, Adimmune is realizing its global expansion and enhancing the connection with the international markets.
Compliant with Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, Adimmune will become Taiwan’s forerunner among vaccine manufacturers capable of attracting international funding and partnerships.
The signing of the MOU and the proposed project plan results from a continuous dialogue regarding bio-medical collaboration between Adimmune and Indonesia over the past year.
While the Indonesian government has just designated JIIPE as a special economic zone (SEZ), Adimmune is signing the MOU with BKMS, the developer of JIIPE, and plans to build a biologics manufacturing center in the SEZ, which is the first overseas manufacturing site of Adimmune, and will become a center for a variety of biologics manufacturing for future CDMO projects.
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