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Major companies commit to Taiwan’s zero carbon emission goal


Taiwan has established the Net Zero Action Alliance, which is committing to bringing Taiwan’s carbon emissions down to zero by the year 2050. The alliance includes 27 companies in areas including finance, manufacturing, and the service sector.
These 27 companies account for around 40% of Taiwan’s GDP and 20% of its carbon emissions. The success of the 2050 zero carbon target will therefore depend on coordination with these companies.
Vice President William Lai says that the alliance’s greenhouse gas plan involves two phases. The first will see business offices stop all carbon emissions by 2030, and the second will see manufacturing bases meet the same goal by 2050.
Lai says he hopes more businesses will take on the zero-carbon emission initiative, although he says he realizes these goals may be hard to achieve for smaller enterprises with fewer resources. Still, Lai says that with the help of new technology and scientific research, the 2050 goal should be attainable.
Lai also says that the fight against climate change requires shifting the mindset of Taiwanese society. This includes seeing the global warming crisis as an opportunity to promote green energy and focusing on the advantages of the shift to green energy, rather than the obstacles involved. In addition, Lai says private and public organizations must cooperate on the zero-emissions initiative in order for it to be a success.
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