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Hot Sales of Toys During the Pandemic, Sheen-Full to Shien with its Environmental-Friendly Clays


According to CIC Foresight Industry Research Institute’s research on the global toy industry market, the market size has increased from US$79.3 billion in 2014 to US$93.8 billion in 2019. The value of the global toy industry is gradually growing. With the impacts of the pandemic on the major industries, physical toys for home entertainment such as clay and monopoly are selling like hotcakes with a growth of 31%, surpassing other industries such as biotechnology, coal mining, etc. Video and computer game companies such as Nintendo are also expected to properly grow by the investors, becoming an emerging light in the gloomy. Sheen-Full International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as Sheen-Full) from Taiwan, providing wholesale and exports for all kinds of stationery, stationery gifts, and DIY materials, has obtained the third-party certification of Dun & Bradstreet Enterprise. Among all the products, the non-toxic light-weight clay receives positive feedback from the kids’ educational toy market and is widely exported to Asia, Oceania, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, and other countries all over the globe.

Toys are the micro mirrored image of the world, which also reflects the global major environmental protection issue on climate changes and sustainable development. The future educational trend will focus on the enhancement of the children’s environmental awareness and behaviors through play. Sheen-Full is the pioneer to produce toys with safe recycled material and methods to reduce resource consumption and pollution. With the development of safe and non-toxic children’s art material and in response to the environmental issues via practical measures, an evolutionary field of children’s play is also introduced. The light-weight, non-toxic clays come in different colors and can be mixed into different colors; the clays can be rubbed, kneaded, shaped, and mixed repeatedly without sticking to the hands; they are easy to be shaped and need no extra heating. The kids can concretize their imagination via the clays by their hands; it not only can strengthen their hand flexibility but also can learn the color concept, improving their cognitive abilities. It is a key to the development of children’s creativity.

For manufacturing and sales of children’s toys, the safety inspection for the new toys, including production, manufacturing, import, commissioned production, or imports are strict, and relevant inspections and procedures are required to be conducted. Besides dry, fragile, powdery, or flexible material, materials that may be easily inhaled by the children or reside on the skin or clothing that are easily restricted, the materials with liquid or gel properties potentially to be swallowed, products prone to water-soluble staining, and allergies, as well as the painting material on the toys are all strictly regulated. Products of Sheen-Full not only obtain D&B Certification but also qualified EN 71 Toy Safety Lab Testing and toy safety standard of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) with strict testing standards regarding the factors of mechanical and physical properties, flammability, and element transfer that are harmful to human bodies, to ensure the consumers’ safety to the greatest extent.

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