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Here in the “AAT Business Club”…

Traders, Businessmen, Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters … Get to know each other … And cooperate with each other … Despite the distances, countries and different languages…

We offer this (Special Limited Time Package) for our members: 


  • One page colored advertisement 

Will be published at AAT Magazine (Click here), also the same advertisement will be displayed in AAT website www.aatworld.com and AATBC website www.aatbcworld.com
  • Interview

An interview in form of questionnaire will be done between AAT and AAT business club member due to the safety precautions of the present Covid-19 situation.
  • A video

   (Up to 5 minutesabout business activities of members will be broadcasted on AAT tube. http://admin.aatworld.com/aattube
  • Advertisement of member

    Advertisement of member to be inserted in AAT Alert for five times / year.
  • Web banner promotion 

    Of the member (size 442 x 185px) is to be displayed in AAT website www.aatworld.com and www.aatbcorld.com  for 6 months.
  • News as advertisement 

    About members’ business activities will be published in AAT magazine, AAT website, and AATBC website.
  • Full page report

    About member’s business activities, will be inserted in AAT magazine, AAT website, and AATBC website.
  • Support and increase the export 

Increase the export of member… through the Arabian & African markets…


AAT Business Club member fee: RM 500 / year


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Email:    aatbc@aatbcworld.com          
Tel.  /  WhatsApp:  +60173406048 (Dr. Khaled)


Once you have signed up, we will send you a confirmation email with your membership number and details.

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